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About Me


Sentence to describe Me


My name is Edward, and I’m a boy who has a dream to be a scientist. My dream was a doctor, and so much more! But it all came back to be a scientist.


The reason I want to be a scientist is to make sure we can live more years, and to do that, I have to extract the oldest animal’s DNA and implant it on a human, to achieve that goal.


Adding on, I go to NLCS JEJU, which I am sure it is a great place and school to start my dream as a scientist. I have a lot of great friends, and learn loads, like the digestive system and the 3 transformations of water.


There is more information about me. For example, my favorite color is blue, my favorite animal a dog. I live in Korea, Daegu and have more friends there. I even have friends in Busan, which is famous for its snacks!

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