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Book Review 2024/01/12


The Hundred Dresses is an awesome book where Wanda is teased and bullied every day. Peggy and Maggie and other girls bully her until she wins the art competition, and then leaves the school, where she asks Peggy and Maggie to keep those pictures. As she always walked the streets claiming that she had a hundred dresses, all lined up in her closet, she is unable to have one true friend. As Jake runs early to help the Janitor, as everyone avoids Mr. Svenson, with his yellow house, hat, cat, and dog, Wanda Petronski’s unfortunate adventure continues, with letters of satisfaction, and kindness.

I enjoyed this book because it shows what bullies can do to someone, and even though she left school, at the end, she forgives all of them, and even gives them her own creation. I believe that the moral of this story is: have a big heart, forgive others, and to give others things, even if those things she drew were imaginative, the pictures are not.


This book is about Engineering and everything about it. Heat, Force, Motion, and everything is written in this book. It shows what kind of things there are, and what it does, and how it works. Such as a robot uses electricity, steel, aluminum, hydraulics, levers, and so much more. It also tells us things that will be there in the future, such as Maglev, and Smart Materials. 

I felt surprised at this book because I had never fully considered future materials, and what everyday materials are supposed to work, and how they work. I enjoyed this book immensely, and I think I will like Basher Science’s series of scientific books.

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