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Book Review 2024/01/13

The Egypt Game

When April Hall moves in with her grandmother while her mother remains in Hollywood, the first kids she meets are Melanie Ross and her brother, Marshall. April and Melanie appear to be quite different from each other, but they soon bond over a mutual fascination with Egyptian history. Each afternoon, the two girls and Marshall gather in the yard behind the A-Z Antiques and Curio Shop to play the Egypt Game. At first, the game consists of simple rituals and ceremonies that the girls invent and perform in costume. Later, as more members join their group, their activities expand to include writing in hieroglyphics and attempting to gain information from an oracle. When strange things begin to happen to members of their group, however, April and Melanie wonder how much of the Egypt Game is imagined and how much is real.

I felt shocked because of this book because I never realized that strangers might actually harm me. And if I were in the position of the man trying to kill April, I would have bit and punched every part of the guy that strangles me.


This book is about chemistry, the elements, and so much more! I enjoyed it immensely. It has Carbon in it, Nitrogen in it, Water, Air, Test Tubes, Bunsen Burners, and much, much more. It describes it, and then tells us what it is used for, and some other important data. 

I didn’t know that water was neutral in pH, I thought that it was a little base but mostly neutral, and that the Oxygen might just flow away if it weren’t for gravity, ozone, and the atmosphere. However, I knew that water covers 96% of Earth! And I felt surprised at this book because I had enjoyed science, but I  never fully considered the elements itself, and what everyday chemicals are s used for, and how they work. I enjoyed this book immensely, and I think I will like Basher Science’s series of scientific books. 

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