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Book Review 2023/10/10

The Wednesday Wars

The Wednesday wars is about a boy called Holling Hoodhood and Ms. Baker and so on. Holling and Ms. Baker dislikes each other at first, but they grow their relationships and is soon friendly enough to go to a baseball match together! Meanwhile, Holling’s dad urges Holling’s sister not to go to California University because of the war, but she goes off without permission. What I learned from this story is never forget who you want to be, because Holling’s sister chose her own future. 

Magic Treehouse

Dogs are very helpful. Dogs have a lot of jobs, such as therapy dogs, army dogs, and so much more. Dogs are also descended from wolves! Some dogs even look like wolves! One of the most well-known wolf-like dogs is Balto, who worked with several heroes to get medicine for a dying village. Armies also hire dogs, one of which attacked an Italian soldier and revealed their location. Dogs are the most lovable pets wanted on Earth! Jack and Annie have to save Peter the penguin! They have to find a flower in the Swiss Alps! Jack discovers what is it like to not be worried by anything, and Annie’s training for Barry pays off. They will turn into dogs to save the day! Barry, the big cheery dog, will save lives, be a saint, and be approved by Lapóleon himself! WOWZERS!! (I did not see that one coming)

Maybe maybe Marisol Rainey

Maybe maybe Marisol Rainey is about Marisol. She has this big tree, called Peppina, and everyone loves it. Oz, and everyone loves Peppina for climbing. Peppina has a wish, and it is to climb Peppina. Can she face her fears?


Holes is a book where bad boys go to a special camp and dig holes. However, the camp director might just want other boys to dig holes and she just wants to find something… something away from the killer lizards. Maybe from her enemy, Kate Barlow, who was a teacher, who turned into a feared outcast. 

Real Friends

Real Friends is about a girl, Shannon, who has no real friends. They bully her and her life is like a wave; up and down, up and down. She eventually leaves “The Group” and becomes friends with Zara and Veronica, 2 6th years, who like her and play a bit of a childish game. However, Zara and Veronica move onto Middle school, and she is left alone. Jen, “The Group”’s leader, is sick of being the leader, so she joins Shannon’s group. Shannon does not allow the bully to join her group. At home, Shannon’s sister, Wendy, is going to move to Los Angeles, and be a model. Will her personality change and be a kinder sister from now on, well, I don’t want to spoil it or anything, but she becomes dramatically kinder towards her entire family. 

Too bright to see

Too bright to see is a horror book. Bug’s uncle Roderick died, but he isi still here, as a ghost. In a haunted house with scary things happening all around us, Bug and her friends try to work out the mystery of Uncle Rodrick. 

Red, White, and Red

Red, White, and Whole is a terribly sad story of Reha. The poem starts with Reha’s worries, and school, and even dreams. However, Amma gets cancer, and she is on the brink of dying. Reha and her friends try not to think about her, as that would provoke sadness once more. Amma gets better, and when she comes back home, she gets sick again and she dies. 

The Giver

The Giver is a brutally murderous book, and Jonas and his friends are 12, and need to find their assignment. Jonas’s assignment is the most important, the receiver. He needs to work with the giver and get memories from the past. However, Jonas' dad works in a company where if there are 2 male twins, the lightest gets killed by Jonas’s father himself! Jonas and Gabe have to go elsewhere and live there, and live as the new giver, while he pretends to be dead in that village. The giver knows. 

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