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Book Review 2023/10/4

This book is about Führer, Hitler, and a small girl, Liesel Meminger, or Hubermann. The story is set in Germany, and it is during World War 2. When Liesel’s parents and brother die, she is adopted by Hans Hubermann, and she meets Rosa, who always asks for a kiss. Liesel’s papa plays the accordion, and teaches Liesel how to read. Max starts dying, however, he manages to survive. Later on, Liesel finds herself attracted to Rosa, and can’t stop talking to him. Liesel, in her desperation for books, steals them from the mayor’s wife. Potatoes and Carrots and Apples are stolen by Liesel, and later on, she writes an apology letter to her. Rosa dies in the end, and Liesel Hubermann is the only survivor left when she is a an adult. 

The story is full of war, deaths, and thefts. It is a war story, but also a romance story between Liesel and Rosa. even in the greatest of chaos, hope can still sprout like a weed. A weed that continues to grow and giving hope to others, spreading outwards to the hopeless people within the bombed street. Love can be anywhere, whether its on a rock, or the sea, or even the harshest, the most crude lands, love can always sprout, a small seed, that becomes a grass, and then a flower, just like Liesel and Rosa. 

I feel like a weed represents this book. The weed starts to grow, it’s tall, the weed spreads, it dies. Rosa dies, just like a weed. The moral of this story is…… that hope and sprout up anywhere, but it can also die anywhere, just like us. You have to just try and preserve it, and hope will be given to more and more and more!

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