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Book Review 2023/12/18

Animal Farm 

The animals were living peacefully in the farm, being bossed around by Mr. Jones, and underfed. Mr. Jones treated the animals as if they were not living, until one day, he got drunk. He slept in his house and did not take care of the animals, and did not feed them. Again, he got so drunk at a pub, that he had to sleep there before returning. The animals were all starving. Until, when Jones ordered all the animals to work, they lost control. They all pounced and bit Jones, and he staggered, and ran to safety. Mrs. Jones hurriedly threw some valuables on a rug and escaped along with Mr. Jones. The animals were free. The pigs, who were naturally the smarter, told everyone what to do. They made a song called ‘BEASTS OF ENGLAND’ and made some laws on their farm, and named it ANIMAL FARM. They harvested their own food, and decided to beat Jones and his men whatever they did. They milked the cows, left the house as a museum, and burned and trashed everything that was related with clothes and humans. They made a motto, which was: ‘TWO LEGS GOOD, FOUR LEGS BAD’. Soon enough, Jones and his men attacked animal farm. Snowball, a smart pig, directed the geese, sheep, and the rest of the animals, and charged to help himself. When Boxer kicked a boy, he crumpled, and died. They held a quick funeral for the dead boy and sheep, and triumphed.  All the farmers hated Animal Farm. Next, Snowball insisted that they build a windmill, and when Snowball won the debate, Napoleon (another pig) chased him out of Animal Farm with his nine ferocious dogs. Napoleon came out of the Manor with his nine dogs and massacred any animal in league with Snowball. Napoleon decided to sell the timber for money to install the machinery for the windmill, however the bank notes were all a forgery. The animals all declare a death sentence upon Frederick, and when they open an assault on Animal Farm, they retaliate, and the animals chase them out of their land. Napoleon finds whisky in the Manor, and he nearly dies because of it. There is a new law: animals cannot drink any alcohol upon excess. 

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